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    First Mover 基本介绍

    First Mover由英语学院孙有中院长创办于2004年,由新闻系英文采写课教师郑保国担任指导老师,是北京外国语大学英语学院新闻系各级学生独立采编﹑制作﹑策划﹑发行的新闻...[详细]

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    First Mover 第50期报纸

    See what did BFSUers do in 2019. And you will find that we have been working hard, always full of enthusiasm and energy. While paying attention to the popula...[详细]

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    First Mover 第51期报纸

    View the E-edition of the 51 issue of First Mover. Read the stories, and you might feel that we can always find way out of dilemma in this special period of ...[详细]


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